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Brittana Scenes from “New Directions”

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Jul 30th, 2014


Thank you so much for the Teen Choice TV Female Scene Stealer nomination! You guys are amazing!! Remember you can keep voting here everyday. 

And you know Santana Lopez would be going all Lima Heights for those votes ;-) 

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Jul 29th, 2014


Look how easily they fell back into being together. It’s like breathing to them.

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Jul 29th, 2014
Jul 28th, 2014
Jul 28th, 2014
Jul 28th, 2014

sarahcustard said: Fanslide - secret smile by semisonic. :)



Santana has a secret smile, and she uses it only for Brittany.

Brittany hasn’t seen it a while, it’s been all math all the time for a longer than it takes to find a perfect parallelpiped, but Santana is ready now. Ready in a way she hasn’t ever been before. Brittany knows because Santana keeps asking her to dance. Where dancing appears, secret smiles follow; it’s, like, a natural law. Brittany is going to tell Santana. Well, she’s going to tell her they need churros first, but then she’s going to tell Santana. And after that, maybe buy Santana some flowers.

Jul 27th, 2014


Mine - Taylor Swift

Was listening to my old DiaD playlist and Mine came on and I got major Brittana feels so I made this. TOMORROW TOMORROW TOMORROW MORE BRITTANA

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Jul 26th, 2014

Anonymous said: I saw "LotB" and thought it meant Lord of the Brittana.


Jul 25th, 2014
Jul 24th, 2014